What Should I Pack First When Moving?

Moving from the old house to a new one is painful. You need to pack all the things before the day, and a kind of bewildering atmosphere makes you dumb. As a result, you cannot make your mind about what to pack first! Nothing to worry about, dear! Here are some tips for you regarding what you should pack first when moving: 

1. Items in storage and garageWhat Should I Pack First When Moving

Before moving, first of all, you should pack the items in storage. Because the items in your garage or storage unit are easy to arrange as most of them are kept in the boxes. So, try to accumulate what you want to carry before the time carefully. There may be some small boxes, but you can take out things from there and make a bigger box. Truly, fewer boxes will provide you less stress and make your move better.

2. Keep eyes on small pieces

You may have many small essential materials, such as nail-cutter, scissors, fire-box, jewelry dish, souvenir, and so on scattered throughout the whole house. You may need them any time for daily purposes! But be careful about them because they will certainly put pressure on your head just before the last moments of your departure when you see them laying here and there inside the rooms. So, to be stress-free, you should pack them first.

3. Off seasonal clothes

Like the items in the storage, you can pack off-season clothes first because they are already in boxes, I guess. Also, you don’t need them for some months, so, if you pack them first, you need not open the box just after reaching the new place. Certainly, you will have enough time to cope with the new situation.

4. Extra towels and linens

A towel is an essential part of your daily life but extra ones are a burden! So, if you have extra towels or linens, they are the perfect things to pack first before moving. Similarly, if they are dirty, you can wash them before and pack them first for you can get your laundry basket vacant when you are ready to move.

5. Books and magazines, artwork, clothes and shoes, jewelry, and kitchenware

There are some materials you don’t need always. If you are a book lover, you can keep one or two with you and pack the rest. Likewise, artworks including photos, painting, framed pictures, vases, holiday decorations, and other items used for home decorations can be picked up first because you don’t need them for emergency use. Get local recommendations about living in NYC

Similarly, clothes and shoes that you don’t plan to wear until the day of departure or off-season clothes, can be packed earlier. Moreover, the jewelry that you don’t want to wear can be packed first. It will also help you save them from loss and scratch. 

Finally, you have hundreds of kitchen items in your kitchen! But you don’t need them all at a time. Keeping the essential, you can pick up the rest.

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