How Do You Pack Clothes When Moving?

Clothes are the fashion and passion of a person. So, you always want to keep them perfect whatever the situation is! You may be worried about them when moving to a new house. That is why in this article, we are going to make a solution to -“how do you pack clothes when moving?”

Use Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are usually used for packing clothes especially folded clothes. You need not worry about that, rather you can buy them from anywhere, such as local recycling centers, big box shops, marketplaces, or online shops. Use cardboard boxes and keep your folded clothes safe!

Use a garment box

You may not be familiar with a garment box before. It’s also known as a wardrobe box. A garment box is used to carry clothes using hangers. Interestingly, you need not remove the clothes from the hangers while unloading them to your closet! Plus, On the bottom, you can have plenty of space to keep non-hanging clothes, shoes, and other things.

Use Suitcases

Suitcases are also useful for carrying folded clothes when moving. But you may not have them. As they are cheap, you can buy two or three. They are extremely convenient and can keep your clothes safe from dust or scratches. Similarly, they are easily portable! So, you can use them during the move to your new house.

Keep the same types of clothes together

Keeping the same types of clothes together can give you a stress-free move. In that case, you can keep your official clothes together, your PJs together, or your gym clothes together. On the other hand, you can follow a different technique. For example – you can keep all your underwear together, your shirts together, your pants together, etc. This will help you to unpack them easily after reaching the new house. You can take help from the Top NYC Movers

Keep out-of-season clothes separate from others

You don’t need all the seasonal clothes at a time, am I right? For example – if you move during summertime, you don’t need winter clothes then. So, you can use a separate box for them. You need not open the box just after reaching the new house. Be cool for some time and place it in your storage until the winter comes!

Keep your clothes separate from shoes

Keeping clothes and shoes together may make clothes dirty. In this regard, you have to pack the shoes using separate boxes. If you don’t have shoeboxes, you can use wrapping paper instead. 

Don’t pack your moving day/week clothes

Finally, you must keep some clothes for the moving day and some days before the move. To do this, you can use a separate bag or box and keep your undergarments, shirts, and pants together. This will help you spend the rest of the days smoothly.

The conclusion

Your move to the new house can be stress-free if you pack smart. You should not bother much about your beautiful clothes. Just follow the above suggestions on how you should pack your clothes when moving and start working right before.

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